Our mission is to develop market infrastructure for impact investing and enhance its investibility as an integrated global market

Our focus is the development of EngagedX – the Index for Impact Investing

Our vision is for a thriving impact investment market - investible, emerged, meeting the financing needs of frontline organisations and rewarding success

What drives us is getting more capital to front-line organisations that achieve a positive impact for society

We are founded on the principle of adapting financial markets techniques for more social purpose

We are a social enterprise founded to support capacity development in impact investing and to reinvest at least 50% of profits in impact investing and frontline social ventures

We have conceived

"EngagedX - The index for impact investing"

A pilot to deliver benchmark investment data for impact investing, providing clarity on risk and return
The world’s first financially orientated index for impact investing
Based on Engaged Investment's combination of financial and social experience - adapting financial markets structures for social purpose

"I would like to offer my support for Engaged Investment's project to create and launch an investment index for the social investment market. This is the sort of initiative which an emerging market like social investment needs."

Rt Hon Nick Hurd MP
Minister for Civil Society, UK

"Social investment will need market-wide investment data for it to mature as an asset class – there needs to be a ‘Bloomberg for social investment’."

Sir Ronald Cohen

Implied Impact ( ) is a different way of thinking about impact return and the measurement of outcomes. It is a way of grounding impact assessment – as an investment hurdle rate – in investor expectations and requirements drawn from the wider financial market context and comparisons with financial investments of equivalent risk and maturity.

All investment activity creates blended value – both social outcomes and financial returns are inextricably linked within the context of enterprise activity. Implied Impact is a financial indicator that measures the difference between actual capital pricing of impact investments compared with conventional risk-adjusted return expectations.

This adds a top-down approach to impact assessment as a contribution to the wider topic of impact measurement and opens up a debate between the top-down and bottom-up approaches to impact assessment.

By linking impact assessment to the wider framework of investor expectations, it:

• links the pricing of impact investments to impact expectations

• makes explicit the degree to which a given level of impact is built into pricing and returns

• provides a way of expressing impact returns in a “currency” common across different impact activities and comparable to returns in other markets

• is not a substitute for impact measurement

• is complementary to bottom-up methodologies of impact assessment